Mapping the Aether,
recently presented by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in their ARTX Series, Suzanne Lappas and Stephanie Nugent brought a new vision for multi-disciplinary performance to Indiana, with original music by Scott Kellogg, lighting/scenic design by David Lapham, and costumes by Amy Beth Burrell, garnering Nugent Dance praise as

"a relocated company to watch!"
-Lou Harry Indianapolis Business Journal

The full evening which also includes Katherinette choreographed for the duo by Selene Carter, and Remembering the Reds While Traveling This Sensitive Pink Earth, a solo for Nugent choreographed by Keith Johnson, is available for touring!

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I n D e v e l o p m e n t

migrations is a dance theater adaptation of rasgos asiaticos, an autobiographical play by Virginia Grise. Virginia (Vicki) and Stephanie first collaborated in 2009 on the development of Nugent's Undone: androgyne, gender and humanism. This process, which began with long-distance conversations in Fall 2012 and has included two workshop/residencies, and continues to unfold.

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R e p e r t o r y

Slippery is a humorous and irreverent solo about motherhood and the struggle to regain a sense of self, postpartum. Originally commissioned by CalArts in 2009, Slippery was re-imagined as a dance film by Roberta Shaw in 2012 and then again in 2013, for performance at Conder Dance's Breaking Ground.

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Slippery (2014)

Commissioned by the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company for their 50th Anniversary Season, still no words is a seven-minute duet set to original music of the same title by Robin Cox.

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still no words (2014)

Smoke and Mirrors is a movement-response to LACMA╩╝s Smoke sculpture and the accompanying poem by Antonia Clark. Created for the LACMA's Art Walk 2013 this traveling composition is intended to kinetically energize the space within the Ahmanson building and blur the boundaries between performer and viewer.

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smoke and mirrors (2013)

Commissioned by the CalArts for presentation at Walt Disney Hall's REDCAT Theater, this twenty-minute quintet was developed into an evening length work for Nugent Dance. Yes is Not Passive and other stories is an investigation into the physical dynamics involved in the act of saying yes and the beautiful pursuit of emptiness.

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Yes is Not Passive and other stories (2012)

Created & Directed by Stephanie Nugent in collaboration with the performers and writer Virginia Grise, The Measure of a Man takes a humorous and poignant look at a culture of comparison and and its affect on masculine self worth.

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The Measure of a Man (2011)

Undone: androgyne, gender and humanism is an evening of dance theater including four works created & directed by Stephanie Nugent in collaboration with writer Virginia Grise, Costume Designer Rosalie Alvarez, and Lighting Designer Ed Cha

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Undone: androgyne, gender and humanism (2011)

A quartet for four women, Would I Then Be draws inspiration from Virginia Woolf's fictional biography "Orlando" and Sally Potter's film by the same name. Characters hold a fluid relationship to time and gender, exploring feminine and masculine natures inside of a feminist context.

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Would I Then Be

Inspired by Pablo Neurda’s poem a Lemon, in which the poet transforms a mundane fruit into metaphor for passion and sensuality, Passions takes the lemon one step further, as metaphor for femininity within male identity.

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Held by Dreams is an experimental monologue, acknowledging society’s habitual desire to gender, while attempting to poke holes in the ability of words to adequately articulate what it means to be human.

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Held by Dreams

Undone, The final work of the evening, is pure dance. Props and gender-defining costumes are removed, curtains are opened, and words evaporate, leaving only the eight performers to speak through the ultimate language of humanity, movement.

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Small Spaces - open gestures is an evening of collected works including Small Spaces (commissioned by The Wooden Floor), Circa One, Untitled Interior and Bathers. Composed by Robin Cox, Small Spaces also includes collaborations by Erin Martinez (projection), and Catherine Siri Nugent (Scenery/Costumes).

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Small Spaces - open gestures (2008)

Frame/ReFrame and other dances is a shared-evening of dance theater, including works created & directed by Stephanie Nugent (Frame/ReFrame and Broken/UnBroken) and Keith Johnson.

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Frame/ReFrame and other dances (2006)

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Broken / UnBroken

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One is an evening of dance theater created by Stephanie Nugent in collaboration with nine other artists/scholars. Each work considers a distinct aspect of how a person's social, cultural and religious experiences, contribute to the construction of identity, and seek to come together to offer a multi -faceted view of one individual.

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One: an evening of solo dance theater
on identity and community

Drawing on social and religious traditions, memories, and re-told stories of her Italian immigrant family, Nugent explores how heredity and personal experience weave together to form identity.  Sonic, dance, theater artist, Kim Epifano directs Nugent in this playful, irreverent, and poignant performance.

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In the Shadow of the Red Brick

Circa One is a movement-driven performance response to a series of questions regarding space and physical identity. Filled with repeated jumping, punctuated by stillness, Nugent invigorates and illuminates relationships between herself and the audience. 

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Circa One

Wintering is a nonlinear narrative of sound, image, and movement. Dark and expressionistic, it paints a picture of Nugent's journey into the depths of her internal life and her struggle to re-emerge and connect with society.

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Untitled Interior is both an effort at prayer and an attempt to create identity beyond confines of the material world.  Inspired by Azar Nafisi’s novel Reading Lolita in Tehran, Untitled Interior meditates on female identity as relates to one's body, to choice, and to personal religious beliefs.

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Untitled Interior

C o n t a c t I m p r o v i s a t i o n

Recesses, is a CI score created /performed by Stephanie Nugent and Shel Wagner Rasch for Anatomy Riot's Dances for a Recession at Pore Dog Group, LA.

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Recesses (2009)

Stephanie and Shel Wagner Rasch jamming at the Santa Monica Jam. Video by Andre Andreev

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Shel and Step Jam (2009)

Stephanie, Shel Wagner Rasch, and Jones Welsh improvising in Sport Contact a score by Welsh for performance at the LA ID Fest.

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Sport Contact (2013)

P r e s e n t i n g

Curated by Stephanie Nugent in collaboration with Carmela Hermann and Kristen Smiarowski, Then Again presented several events in Santa Barbara including works by Carmela Hermann, Kristen Smiarowski, Keith Johnson, Ester Baker Tarpaga and Olivier Tarpaga, Taisha Paggett, Emily Pope, and Stephanie Powell

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Then Again (2005-2006)
a series of new works and works-in-process
presented in Santa Barbara, CA

Initiated by Cid Pearlman and Carmela Hermann, THEN presented several events throughout Los Angeles including works by Louie Cornejo, Keith Glassman, Carmela Hermann, Keith Johnson, Taisha Paggett , Cid Pearlman, Stephanie Nugent and Kristen Smiarowski

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THEN (2005-2007)
a series of new works and works-in-process
presented in Los Angeles, CA


The Score: created and performed by Stephanie Nugent and Shel Wagner Rasch

The dance Shel & Steph would not have done 10 years ago

The dance Shel & Steph could not have done 10 years ago