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Nugent Dance is dance/theater, improvisation, and audience-integrated events, conceived by Stephanie Nugent in collaboration with other contemporary artists, seeking to engender empathy, community engagement, and conscious communication through the arts.

Established in 2001, in Santa Barbara, CA, Nugent Dance has produced more than sixty performance events throughout southern California and has participated in festivals, residencies, and concert events hosted by Daniella Agostini -Padova Italy, Dance New Amsterdam, Sushi Visual and Performance Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Indianapolis Museum of Art, CONDER/Dance, Motion Pacific, Indy Convergence, Highways Performance Space, and The Wooden Floor, among others.

Collaborating artists include a host of stellar performers, renown composers Eve Beglarian, Robin Cox , Scott Kellogg and Belinda Reynolds, visual artist/designers Eryn Martinez, Catherine Siri Nugent, Roberta Shaw, and Peiyi Wong, lighting designers Ed Chaw, David Lapham, AJ Muni, and Vickie Scott, writers Virginia Grise and Olivia Sandoval, as well as fellow choreographers Suzanne Lappas, Selene Carter, Kim Epifano, Stefan Fabry, Carmela Hermann, Keith Johnson, Kristen Smiarowski, and Shel Wagner Rasch. (full list of collaborating artists)

Photography by Scott Groller

"powerful  dance" - Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times

"most Intriguing work" - Dance Magazine

"(Nugent's) synthesis of other art forms with dance (causes) tradition to be refracted in demanding and thrilling ways." - Alan Berman, Tmes Quotidian